Various formats: archival print on dibond; poster; stickers; magnet-backed print

An appropriation and reworking of the familiar word-image by Robert Indiana, that utilizes the same quartered field, Clarendon Bold type, colours, and letter orientation.
LIKE signifies a commodification of social relationships mediated by social media, where participants are products and approval (Like-ing) is currency. When put into the context of expression of affection and/or compassion, relative to the work by Indiana, it signals a scaling down of the universal message from love to like.
Indiana's LOVE was a reaction in an era of war (Vietnam), domestic violence and civil unrest. Its cultural impact was only rivalled by the iconic symbol for peace (which also devolved into pop symbol, sold as trendy jewellery). LOVE was reproduced as a series of sculptures installed in multiple locations around the world, in multiple languages, and as posters, stickers and other media.
As was the case in the work by Indiana that preceded it, this work has the potential to undergo a similar devaluation of artistic value due to mass mechanical reproduction and distribution of the original image (small multiples of this work have been reproduced as cheap stickers and fridge magnets). In a similar way, its message attempts to remain (for a time) universal.


Exhibition History>
2016 Just My Type, Whitdel Arts, Detroit MI