Good Dog Bad Dog
Mixed media installations, video silent, 2010-15

The use of dogs as metaphor of the human condition has a long history in art. Thematically, issues of pluralism vs. polarization inform the works in this exhibition. Canines, like humans, are capable of exemplifying both desirable traits (loyalty, dedication, unconditional love, obedience) and deplorable ones (viciousness, hate, filth, disgust). Cross-cultural opinions of dogs may range from "man's best friend" to pariah. By extension, in human encounters, the Other is often judged in terms of good or of evil; trusted or feared. Through mixed media and video installation and the hybridization of familiar dog/human cultural artifacts, these works occupy the space between the two poles.

Exhibition History>
2015 PAVED Arts, Saskatoon SK
2013 Hangman Gallery, Toronto ON
2010 Artcite Inc.  Windsor ON
2011 (broken bone component) Whitdel Arts  Detroit MI
2010 (doghouse component) Gallery Project  Ann Arbor MI